How To Have A Successful Backyard Movie Night

If you have a projector at home, you can have a really great backyard movie night for your family. Invite the neighbors, some friends, or anyone else you want to have for your movie night. See below for tips on how to make your evening successful and what other items you'll need.

Set The Stage

You'll need a screen to show your movie on, which can be done using a plain white sheet hung up on the side of the house, garage or fence. Make a screen holder using PVC piping and white PVC clips to hold the sheet in place, then hang it up on your house/fence/garage. The PVC piping and holders help to keep the sheet from moving or wrinkling during your movie, giving you a better picture. 

Get The Right Movie

Be sure to have the right type of movie for your guests. If you have a lot of children, try to keep it G or PG rated. If you have adults, look for a good comedy movie or a good suspense movie. Check your projector to see that it can play DVDs. If it is just the projector, you may need to attach a laptop to it to play a DVD. To help give you more sound, plug in some speakers so everyone can hear that great movie.

Make It Fun

If you're going for a children's movie, grab some cardboard boxes and turn them into small cars so you have a drive-in theater theme. Paint the boxes different colors, then add a frisbee for the steering wheel and paint wheels on the sides. Allow the kids to sit in the boxes to enjoy their movie. To make it a little more comfy, give them blankets and pillows as well. If you have a more adult theme, you can create a picnic feel by adding picnic blankets and large pillows to lay on the ground and get comfortable.

Have Snacks

Be sure to make plenty of popcorn for your movie night. Use small brown paper bags to give everyone their own popcorn. You can even buy some snack size boxed candy from your local grocery store or big box store fairly cheaply. Have an assortment for everyone to choose something they like. Use coolers to hold soda, water and other drinks to wash down all those goodies.

Keep Bugs At Bay

When planning your movie night, be sure to have some citronella candles around to help keep mosquitoes at bay, as nothing will ruin your night more than those pesky insects. You can also use mosquito repellent clip-ons or wristbands

Enjoy your movie night over and over again with your family and friends using your projector.