4 Alternative Ways To Use Outdoor Flower Pots For Sale

When buying outdoor flower pots for sale, you'll discover that the pots are extremely durable. This is because they have to withstand different types of weather. Should you have any flower pots left over after planting your favorite seeds, there are a few projects you can consider taking part in to make use of them. 

Bird Feeder

Take a 6-inch terra cotta flower pot and flip it upside down. Glue an 8-inch saucer to the top of it. Once the glue dries, you can paint the bird feeder using any design you like. If you're planning on setting the feeder out in the fall, you may wish to make it look like a scarecrow. A spring feeder would look quite attractive with a meadow or poppy field painted on it. Once the paint has dried, fill the saucer with bird seed and set it out in your garden. 

Easter Wreath

Start off buying miniature outdoor flower pots for sale and make sure they have a central drainage hole in the bottom. Paint each one using pastel colors that remind you of the Easter holiday. Once the paint dries, you can run floral wire through the drainage holes and attach it to an 18-inch wreath form. Continue until you have covered the entire wreath. Finish by adding a few more decorations to the wreath. You can add a ribbon, some fake flowers, and even glue on a few plastic Easter eggs.

Votive Candles

Votive candles made out of mini terracotta planters make the cutest gifts. Personalize the planter by painting it for the individual you are gifting it to. You could add their name, a set of balloons if it is the person's birthday, or a series of hearts for a loved one. After the paint has dried, you'll need to center a wick in the pot and then pour in melted wax. You can use plain white, or a colored wax. If you want the wax to have a fragrance, add a few drops of an essential oil. Once the wax has hardened, you can place it in a decorative gift bag for the recipient. 

Summer Home Towel Baskets

Pick up two large outdoor flower pots for sale that can hold three towels each. These are perfect for summer homes that have outdoor showers, however, you can use them indoors in a guest bathroom if you don't have an outdoor shower. Paint the flower pot to complement that area in which you plan to display it. Next, you'll want to gather some seashells that you can glue to the flower pot. You can create a pattern with them, or simply use them around the rim of the pot. Add the towels to the pot after both the paint and glue have dried.