Wild About Flowers: Four Fun Ideas For Wildflower Seeds

Are you planning an event and are searching for a unique but practical party favor? Or maybe you want something creative to use for telling someone "thank you" beyond the standard cards. Perhaps you want to find a cool way to advertise your event or business. Well, the solution to all of these scenarios is something you probably never considered: wildflowers seed packets. This guide goes over a few applications for seed packets that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.


Tired of the same old wedding reception favors? Wildflower seed packets are a great idea to use for your big day. You can find a company that customizes seed packets and have each packet customized with your own special messages. Some of the ideas can include:

  • "Let Love Grow"

  • The name of the bride and groom

  • The wedding date

  • "Love is All You Seed"

Don't be afraid to play around with phrases to create your own special message. If you use wildflowers in your wedding bouquet, you can place out seed packets that have the same type of flowers.

Business Advertisement

Wildflower seed packets can be a fun way to advertise your business. You can customize the packets with the name of your business and hand them out at fairs, expos, and other events. Forget-me-nots seeds make a great choice for this type of advertisement. To show gratitude for customers, you can customize the seed packets with "Thanks a bunch" written on the front of a pack of wildflower seeds.


Children love to get dirty—so what better way than to let them plant their own flower garden? Create custom packets with the name of the child or other special phrases, like "My First Garden." Some companies even have paper confetti that has been recycled and will turn into a flower once it is planted in the ground. Kids will love sprinkling this confetti and watching it grow.


The holidays are a great time for giving. Why not hand out seed packets to your loved ones? You can custom the front with holiday greetings, pictures of Santa, and much more. They make great stocking stuffers for people of all ages.


You can never go wrong with gifting flowers. Not only are they pretty, but they are great for the environment. Next time you are searching for a creative gift, this is the best choice.