Are You Landscaping A Brand New Yard?

Have you just moved into a home that has never been lived in? Perhaps you even had the fun of designing the home yourself. One of the major projects you might be facing is the landscaping of your front yard and backyards. From putting down new sod and having it fertilized to adding statuary to your new yards, here are some ideas that might help you to design something unique and lovely.

The Grass - It's probably a good idea to start with first things first. In the case of landscaping your front yard and backyards, think of installing new grass. Of course, you can plant grass seed, but a landscaping company can lay healthy sod down for you in a very short time, and it might be a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. Plus, you'll have established lawn pretty fast. And, while you're at it, consider having the grass fertilized with pest control products as part of the fertilizer. In fact, think about having the company service your yard on a regular basis, maybe weekly or twice a week. The landscaping company can advise you on which type of grass is best for your part of the country. If they give you several choices, be sure to ask which grass is the easiest to maintain. Think about having your grass fertilized at the beginning and at the end of growing seasons. 

The Accents - Think about how you want to beautify your new grass. For example, have you always dreamed of having a rose garden? Perhaps you want to add an outdoor patio to the area -- a place where you can entertain guests. Whether or not you add a patio, consider what you will want as your focal point. For example, consider having a special area of your backyard that has a large statue, maybe a Saint Christopher or an angel statue, as the focus. In the front yard, think of including a multi-tiered water fountain that will add interest to the landscaping. Think of other details that will add a bit of drama to both your front yard and your backyard. For example, hanging decorative birdhouses, hanging ferns and the inclusion of large pots and rocks would be a great addition to your landscaping. 

When you're shopping for statuary, consider going to nurseries, resale shops, and antique shops where you might find one-of-a-kind pieces.

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