Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Furniture and Window Treatments with New Fabric

Did you know that you don't have to replace your existing window treatments and furniture by entirely replacing the items you have? On the contrary, you can actually upgrade your drapes and couches and chairs—and other pieces—by investing in new materials and fabrics for them. Here are ways you can upgrade existing window treatments and furniture with new upholstery and drapery fabrics. You can buy these items in bulk and at a discount to save money while creating more custom, prettier pieces in your home.

Try contrasting materials

You don't have to make sure all your drapery materials and furniture fabrics match in order to make your home look amazing. Materials that contrast either by texture, thickness, color, or pattern can create a dimensional effect you can enjoy. For couches and chairs, you can choose a different upholstery pattern or color for each couch cushion or decorative pillow.

Write down your favorite home design trends that you like. Do you love metallic colors? Lace? Dark and elegant colors, or more subtle and dusty pastels? Are you into geometric patterns and floral patterns, or do you prefer more solid lines? Any style of fabric you like can be incorporated into your final choices to update your worn and dated furniture and tired-looking windows.

Try layering

For windows, layering a gauzy material over a thicker velvet or burlap curtain can make a huge difference in creating a beautiful, layered effect that is both trendy and delicate. Layering is particularly beneficial for larger windows in the dining room and living room areas to make the windows stand out even more positively and to give your space a beautiful appeal.

For smaller windows, you can still layer, but do so with caution. Make sure that the drapery material you buy—whether it is discount upholstery fabric or custom-cut fabric—has sun-blocking abilities so you can keep the sun's rays from penetrating your home. Thicker, darker fabrics are more likely to block the sun than lighter or sheer drapery materials are.

Whatever your personal style is when it comes to decorating your home, know that the right fabrics can really make your furniture and windows look more modern and inviting. You can visit your local fabrics specialist to find discount or remnant fabrics that will make your home look amazing. The more you invest in your furnishings and window treatments, the happier you'll be with your home.