A Portable Air Conditioner With A Heating Option Could Be A Good Substitute For A Central HVAC

If you don't have a central HVAC, or if your unit needs to be replaced and you don't have the funds, then you may be looking for alternate ways to heat and cool your home. Portable air conditioners and heater might be a good choice depending on the size of the space you want to heat or cool and your climate. Here's why a portable unit is often better than a window AC and the additional functions to consider.

The Advantages Of A Portable Air Conditioner

While a portable AC probably won't cool your entire home unless you live in a small house or condo, one of these units is far less expensive than buying a central AC. Prices for these air conditioners vary according to size, power, and their features, but you can probably find one for just a few hundred dollars that has enough power to keep a standard room cool. These units often cost a little more than a window AC, but they are a lot more convenient to use. A window AC is unsightly on your home, and it's heavy and difficult to move around to clean. A portable unit is inside your home so you can access all parts of it easily to keep it clean and free of dust and mold. A hose is vented through a window, but the vent kit is easy to install and can be taken out and put in quickly.

The best thing about a portable AC is that you can move it from room to room so you can be cool at night while you sleep or cool during the day while you cook or work in your home office. This saves you from having to buy multiple window AC units. The units are usually on wheels so moving them from room to room is easy to do, or you can just leave the unit in a single room permanently. Just be sure to buy an air conditioner that's rated to cool the square footage of the room or rooms that you want to keep cool.

The Additional Functions To Consider

You can buy a portable air conditioner that cools only, or you can buy one with multiple functions. Some of these units have four functions. They act as fans to circulate air through your home, they can dehumidify the air to keep your room more comfortable on muggy days, they can cool, and they can put out heat. Having a unit that both heats and cools your room could be beneficial so you can use the same unit all seasons.

One of these units could be used alone to keep a single room in your home in a comfortable range or you could buy two or more units to treat your entire home depending on the size and configuration of your house. To get the best results, you'll also want to improve the insulation of your house so air doesn't leak around your windows, but switching to a portable air conditioner could be a good way to stay comfortable when you don't have a central HVAC to rely on.