Insight To Help You Tackle Early Pest Control In Your Yard This Spring

Springtime is here, and with it, beautiful new bulbs and green growth from grasses and other vegetation has just begun to sprout from the ground. Along with new vegetation emerging from the soil, yard pests, such as insects and mice, will emerge from their hiding places and seek to enter your home or cause problems in your yard. Here are some recommendations to get your yard ready for summer by reducing and eliminating a number of common pests before they can become a bigger problem later on in the year.

Manage Standing Water

When the snow and ice melts in your yard, it can create large areas of ponding water within the mud and pavements in your yard. And along with spring rain, excessive moisture accumulation can be a big problem in your yard that tends to attract pests. Water provides an essential source for life to pests in your yard, such as insects, mice, and other rodents. Water accumulation in your yard also creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes to live and breed, which you won't want in your yard when the weather continues to warm up.

Look for areas in your yard that can allow water accumulation, such as empty planters or pots, old tires, and any type of outdoor container. Turn them upside down to empty them of water and prevent further collection over the upcoming spring rains. Also check your roof's rain gutters for clogs from leaves and debris that might provide a place where water can collect, and clean them out to allow for the water to drain.

Treat the Outside Exterior of Your Home

The perimeter of your home's exterior is exposed to the elements and any outside pests that might be living in their natural habitat. But when spiders, insects, or other pests find a way into your home through a window or door jam, they end up living inside your home instead. 

To prevent insects and pests from coming into your home, spray the exterior around your home's foundation. Also, spray the pesticide around the outside of your windows and doorways. Focus the pesticide in any crevices or cracks on the exterior of your home to protect your home's exterior and the interior from insect and pest problems. You can also contact your local pest control professional to apply a yard treatment to eliminate many spiders, locusts, grasshoppers, and lawn grubs that can be a problem later on in the year.

Look for pest control services in your area for more information.