Three Ways To Use A Lift-Top Coffee Table

When you shop for a coffee table, it's ideal to look for a model that offers storage space beneath its surface. Many coffee tables have hinged tops, which will provide you with a suitable space for keeping magazines, remote controls, and other devices that might otherwise pile up in your living room. One alternative to a coffee table with a hinged top is a model with a top that lifts up. In addition to providing storage space, a lift-top coffee table has a pair of arms that help you to raise the top of this piece of furniture to a desired level. Here are three ways that you and your family can use a lift-top coffee table.

For Eating

If you occasionally enjoy eating in front of the TV, you've generally got a couple of options. One choice is to eat with your plate on your lap, which can be messy. Another option is to put your plate on the coffee table, but this can involve leaning forward uncomfortably, given the low position of the tabletop. A lift-top model allows you to raise the surface to a suitable height, as well as bring it toward you. Your legs will tidily fit beneath the elevated surface, giving you a comfortable place to eat your meal while you watch TV.

For Working

When you work from home, you might spend most of your time in your home office. It can occasionally be nice to find other spaces in which to work, however, as a change of scenery may sometimes be welcome. Setting up a laptop computer on a conventional coffee table can present some challenges. Like trying to eat on this surface, using a computer requires you to lean forward. This could result in back pain after a short period of time. When you have a lift-top coffee table, you'll have an ideal surface on which to work.

For Children's Play

Children enjoy playing games on a variety of surfaces, and a conventional coffee table can certainly be on this list. There can be scenarios in which an adult wishes to play with the children, but requires a higher surface. For example, if a grandparent wants to play a board game with his or her grandchildren, he or she might not be comfortable sitting on the floor. A lift-top coffee table can be a perfect surface for this recreational activity, as the grandparent can sit on the couch while the kids kneel or stand beside the elevated surface of the table.

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