Upgrading Your Fireplace To A Gas Insert For Ease Of Use

If you have a fireplace in your home that you don't use because of the work involved, you may want to consider installing a gas insert that allows you to have a fire without hauling wood or cleaning out ashes. A gas fireplace can add a heat source to your home and give you the look and feel of a fire at the flip of a switch.

Gas Fireplace Options

When considering a gas fireplace for your home, you may want to visit a showroom where there are different styles and brands available to look at. The associate in the store can go over the various models with you, show you the features each has, and discuss the efficiency of the units to help you better understand the options.

If you are looking for an insert for your old fireplace, some options allow you to tuck the entire burner inside the opening and only leave the doors on the front showing. This fireplace style can simulate the look of a wood fireplace with glass doors on it if you want that look in your home.

While at the showroom, you can look at different gas log sets and pick one that looks real or can change colors when in use. If you prefer a gas fireplace that mimics a wood stove, those are available, and you can have the installer put it in using the chimney from the fireplace that is already in the house. 

Installing Your Fireplace

The gas fireplace installation requires a professional in most cases. If you already have gas in your home, adding a new line to feed the fireplace is necessary. Homes without gas will require propane or natural gas, but it is essential to determine which one you will use before installing the gas fireplace. 

Most units can use either gas, but the fittings and orifices in the burner are different, so the installer will need to check to see which you have and change them if necessary before you start using the fireplace. If you purchased a custom gas log set, the installer can exchange the originals for the new log set while they are setting up your fireplace.

Let your installer know you have the custom logs before they start working on the system. They may need to install them before putting the gas fireplace into the original fireplace opening to make connecting them to the gas line easier.

Once the installation is complete, you can turn the fireplace on anytime you want the feel of a fire in your living space or add some additional heat to the room. The system may come with a remote control allowing you to activate it from anywhere, or you can have a switch installed on the wall near the fireplace.