Preventing Dirt From Doing A Number On Your Furnace

When it comes to enjoying reliably warm temperatures inside your home this winter season, having a furnace that is functioning properly is essential. Few homeowners take the time to realize how a little bit of dirt can seriously hinder the function of their furnace.

In order to keep your own home's furnace running in tip-top shape, here are three dirt-removing tasks that you must complete on a regular basis.

1. Replace your furnace's air filter. 

The heated air that travels throughout your home originates outside. Your furnace draws cooler air into the unit through an air filter before heating this cooled air and transferring it throughout your home.

As air is pulled through the filter into your furnace's interior, dirt and debris are removed from the air by the filter. This means that the air filter can become clogged over time. Experts suggest that you swap out your furnace's air filter for a clean one at least once every three months, and possibly more often if a visual inspection shows that the filter is dirty. Maintaining a clean air filter will allow your furnace to run at maximum efficiency.

2. Vacuum out your blower.

Any dirt that does manage to find its way into your furnace's interior typically settles inside the block housing the blower. As this dirt accumulates over time, it can harden and begin to impede the circular motion of the blower motor.

Your blower motor may have to work harder to push heated air through your home's vents, resulting in premature failure and higher energy bills. Taking the time to vacuum out the blower on a regular basis will allow you to prevent dirt inside the blower from tampering with the performance of your home's furnace.

3. Dust your air returns.

It's important to locate the air returns inside your home. These returns are responsible for pulling air out of each room within your home and returning it to the furnace where it can be reheated and distributed once again.

If the vent covering your air returns becomes caked with dirt and dust, these contaminants will be sucked back into your home's furnace. By keeping your air returns dust-free, you can reduce the possibility of your furnace becoming bogged down by harmful dust in the future.

Knowing how dust can adversely affect the function of your home's furnace makes it easy to see why regular cleaning should be a priority. Prevent dirt from doing a number on your furnace by changing the air filter regularly, vacuuming out the blower, and keeping air returns dust-free.