How To Have A Successful Backyard Movie Night

If you have a projector at home, you can have a really great backyard movie night for your family. Invite the neighbors, some friends, or anyone else you want to have for your movie night. See below for tips on how to make your evening successful and what other items you'll need. Set The Stage You'll need a screen to show your movie on, which can be done using a plain white sheet hung up on the side of the house, garage or fence.

When A Water Softener Should Be Used With A Reverse Osmosis Filter

Water softeners are highly effective at removing the minerals that are responsible for hard water. However, water softeners are often not enough. If you have impurities in your water, you may want to have the water that was softened passed through a second set of reverse osmosis water filters. Reverse osmosis filters have a difficult time removing calcium, so it is better to have these minerals removed from the water softener before having them passed through the reverse osmosis water filter.