Make A Water Feature The Focal Point Of Your Yard

Does your yard need a makeover? Perhaps you have a lawn and a couple planting beds, but you feel your yard can have more pizzazz. A water feature can add beauty and even water music to your landscaping. Make a water feature into a focal point to jazz up the look of your yard.

Choose the Water Feature

An outdoor water fountain is probably the most popular choice for adding a water feature to your yard. You have numerous options. For example, you could choose a pondless water fountain or one with the classic wells. There are multi-tiered fountains as well as modern options. A practical idea is selecting a solar-powered outdoor water fountain so you don't have to worry about getting electricity to the structure. Another simple water feature is a birdbath. Ponds are a little more involved in the installation process.

Select a Location

Once you've settled on a type of water feature, the next step is choosing the location. As the Landscaping Network points out, a fountain – or any water feature – should be placed in an area that allows people to enjoy it. This means it should be clearly visible from the house and from different points along the yard. You want your water feature to become a focal point in your landscaping, but you also don't want it to impede your other outdoor activities. The dead center of your yard may not be the best location – off-center is probably better.

Add a Pathway

One way to make your water feature a focal point is with a pathway leading to it. This can be accomplished in more than one way. If your landscaping is informal, consider a meandering path that goes right by the feature. In fact, the water feature can provide the reason for a curve in the walkway. For a more formal look, the walkway should be straight. If you have the room, a fountain can be in the center of the walkway with guests walking around it on either side to the destination. Otherwise, place the water feature off-center or next to the walkway. For a truly formal effect, consider placing the water feature at the meeting point of two formal walkways.

Include Plantings

Another way to draw attention to your water feature is with landscaping. The feature can be nestled among greenery or be the centerpiece of formal landscaping. For example, you could have tall plants provide a backdrop for a fountain as it's seen from the house. Just make sure to choose plants that won't drop leaves or seed pockets into the water.

Add beauty to your yard by installing a water feature and turning it into a focal point for the landscaping.