3 Life Situations When Gifting The Services Of A Professional Cleaning Service Is A Good Idea

Most people only think about hiring a professional cleaning service for themselves. However, hiring a cleaning service as a temporary thing for someone you know and love can be an incredible gift idea. Most cleaning services will allow you to purchase a certain stint of service time and provide you with a voucher or certificate that you can pass along as a gift. This may sound like an odd thing to give as a gift, but in a lot of specific life situations, this will be one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give. Take a look at three times when providing the gift of cleaning services for someone you know would be a good idea. 

You know someone who is having a new baby. 

Those first few days and weeks at home with a new baby are tough on the parents. With so much to do, so much to learn, and so much attention focused on the new household member, most new parents find it hard to have to time for just sleeping enough, let alone house cleaning. If you are struggling to find that perfect gift for a new parent or set of new parents, consider giving them the gift of a cleaning services certificate they can use whenever they need. 

You know someone who is facing a life-threatening illness at home. 

When someone who is terminally ill decides they want to spend the rest of their life at home, the last thing they will feel up to doing is cleaning the house. These times are often days filled with family visits and fulfilling the patient's final wishes for how they want to spend their life. Gifting cleaning services is a thoughtful way to show your consideration for what the terminally ill person is going through. 

You know someone who is facing recovery time at home. 

A broken leg, some cosmetic surgeries, and even something as serious as an organ transplant can require long periods of recovery time at home. If you know someone who will be having to spend quite a bit of time recovering after an illness, injury, or surgery, why not tuck a certificate for cleaning services into their get well card. This is a kind gesture at a time when the recipient will likely not feel up to taking care of the regular household chores, whether it is cleaning floors or doing laundry, on their own.