Tips For Keeping Your Sub-Zero Fridge In Great Shape

A sub-zero fridge is a premium appliance that is great for preserving your food and maintaining freshness. But if you want your sub-zero fridge to continue putting the freeze on food decay, you'll want to take steps to make sure you keep yours in top-of-the-line condition. Here are three sub-zero fridge maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Be Careful When Cleaning

Most sub-zero fridges are constructed of stainless steel. This creates a very durable fridge but it also means you'll want to use specific tools when cleaning it to avoid scratches or other problems. When wiping the fridge down, stick with a microfiber cloth or at least one that is lint-free. You can wipe with a stainless steel polish if you prefer but be sure to always wipe in the same direction to avoid streaking and to avoid going against the grain. When cleaning the glass shelves inside of the fridge, be sure to remove them and let them warm up before applying polish.

Don't Forget the Coils

While cleaning the exterior and shelving of your fridge will keep it looking great, you should also pay attention to the coils if you actually want the fridge to do its job. The exact location can vary on the fridge, but in most cases, the condenser coils are under the fridge. If they become dirty over time, they will not help your fridge dissipate heat very effectively. Unplug your fridge, let it warm up and then give the coils a good cleaning as needed.

Keep an Eye on the Fan Blade and the Evaporator

If your sub-zero fridge has become louder than normal during operation, this is an indication there might be a problem with the condenser fan blade or the evaporator. Turn off the fridge, open it up and examine these parts. Try moving the fan blade by hand, being sure to look for signs of debris or anything else it might be stuck on. If the fan blade is OK, the next culprit could be the evaporator's motor. If this is where the excess noise is coming from, you will need to call a contract offering sub-zero repair services to get a replacement installed.

Some regular maintenance can help keep your sub-zero fridge in excellent condition for years to come. In addition to a regular coat of polish, don't forget to keep an eye on the fridge's inside machinery including the coils, the fan blad, and the evaporator. If you need assistance, contact a professional today for help.