Upholstery Trends That Can Liven Up Any Decor

Whether you're fixing up an old piece or planning to bring a new item to life, it's a good idea to check out upholstery trends and get some inspiration. Before you place an order with your favorite fabric company, here are some ideas worthy of your consideration.

Neutral Tones with a Little Something

The neutral tones, colors such as beige, gray, cream, and taupe, definitely have their place in the upholstery world. Some folks find them a bit boring, though, and it can help to add a layer or two of interest to the material in order spice things up. Adding some texture to the fabric is a great choice, and small monochromatic flecks can also make neutral-tone materials look more interesting.

Especially when adding furnishings to a room that uses a minimalist or mid-century modern style, the neutral-plus look can elevate the decor. Neutral tones are also a good choice for any item that might just not be up to being the centerpiece of a space.

Looking Like Jewels

For those who want to go the opposite direction and make a piece of furniture stand out, there are the jewel tones. These are saturated colors that feature the same ones seen in gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts.

If you want an item to be the focal point of a space, this is a superb way to make it happen. A large number of saturated colors can also add even more fun to a room that employs a Bohemian style. Incorporating variants of the same jewel tone is a good way to create a tight visual theme for a room, too.

Simple Lines

Modernist and minimalist trends are big in decor right now. In terms of upholstery, that means saying good-bye to puffy materials and items with tons of buttons. Cushions end up being flat, but they'll have clearly defined, thin seams that make their lines evident. If you're trying to keep the amount of visual noise in a room under control, this is a solid way to accomplish that goal.


How you handle upholstery work is just as important as the materials you choose. With the right choice in framing materials, exposed wooden frames can give a space a naturalistic look. Many people choose muted tones or natural colors like greens for the upholstery on these items in order to let the wood be the star.

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