5 Reasons To Upgrade To Blackout Curtains

If you are looking to put in new curtains, consider blackout curtain styles. You don't necessarily need them throughout the whole house, but they are especially useful in bedrooms.

1. Improved Sleep

Most people sleep best in a dark and quiet room. Blackout curtains are designed to let no light in through the material. They are also often made with extra pleating and fabric, so it is easy to fully cover the window so no light gets in around the edges. Some blackout curtains are also insulated, which can help dull and deaden outside noises so they don't disturb you as you sleep.

2. Energy Savings

Keeping your house cool in summer can get expensive thanks to the sun beating down and through your home's windows. Blackout curtains keep out the light and the heat from the sun, which can reduce summer energy bills. If you opt for insulated blackout curtains, you may also reap some energy savings in winter thanks to reduced heat loss through the windows. 

3. Fading Prevention

Sun streaming through a window can fade furniture upholstery and carpeting. The light may even fade painted wall surfaces so that light exposed walls in the room are much lighter in color than the other walls. Reducing the amount of light that comes into the home with a blackout curtain is an excellent way to prevent fading, thus increasing the useful life of furniture, upholstery, and more. 

4. Increased Privacy

If you live on a busy street or have nosy neighbors, you may be concerned about people peeking in around the edges of the curtains and compromising your privacy in your home home. The full coverage of blackout curtains means no one can easily see inside. Further, the curtains are thick enough so that those looking at the windows won't even be able to make out shadows or movement through the blackout curtains, ensuring your privacy as you move about inside your home.

5. Attractive Designs

Modern blackout curtain designs are anything but utilitarian. Blackout curtains in solid colors or simple patterns are readily available in a range of standard window sizes, but you can also choose more detailed patterns. For example, if you want an 84-inch leaf pattern blackout curtain set, it's likely you can find a pre-made set. If not, plenty of curtain dealers can have what you need custom-made from blackout materials. 

Visit a curtain showroom if you would like to see all of the blackout curtain options that are available for your home.