Use A Drum Trimmer To Prune Harvested Plants

The use of a trimming machine increases the speed at which a home grower can prune harvested plants. If you sell flowering and non-flowering plants that are grown on your property, the use of a trimming machine like a drum trimmer can improve your production efforts.

Drum Trimmers

A drum trimmer contains a rotating drum, a motor, and blades. As a drum rotates, excess leaves and loose debris are removed from each plant. A pair of cutting blades will be aligned along the edge of the plant tray that is designated to hold a batch of plants. The blades will swiftly cut through stems. A trimmer that features blade adjustment capabilities will give a home grower the opportunity to choose the exact angle each stem will be cut at.

The use of a drum trimmer will reduce the amount of handling that a home grower is responsible for. An end user may not experience much plant waste, since human error won't play a factor in preparing each plant. The use of a drum trimmer will yield consistent batches of flowering and non-flowering plants. Once the plants have been removed from the drum chamber, they are ready to be packaged and sold.


Research various drum trimmers. This will help you choose a model that will adequately support the number of plants that you harvest. A quality trimming machine features an anti-static drum, stainless steel blades, and a speed adjustment dial. If you sell both fresh plants and dried plants, your drum trimmer should support preparing both plant varieties.

A bag attachment is an accessory that reduces the amount of cleanup that an end user needs to complete. If time constraints necessitate that your fresh and dried plants are prepared by a specific date, shop for a trimming machine that supports the use of a bag attachment. As the drum rotates, excess leaves that are removed from the plants will be deposited into the bag.

Usage Guidelines

After you buy a drum trimmer, set it up where you normally prepare harvested plants. Inspect the drum, blades, and other parts of the machine. Refer to the user's guide, to learn how to load plants into the trimmer. Your guide will outline how you should clean the unit. If your new trimming machine does not support the use of a bag attachment, you may be directed to use a damp cloth to wipe off the inside of the unit after each trimming session.